Jerry Sandusky's Lawyer Compares Trial to Soap Opera, "All My Children"

It is day two of the Jerry Sandusky trial and defense attorney Joe Amendola is already throwing heat. Today he compared Sandusky’s trial to a soap opera. First he said General Hospital, then realized he had an audience and decided it was more like All My Children. Get it?

Isn’t that a joke that someone who isn’t part of Sandusky’s legal team should make? To Amendola’s credit, as soon as he uttered the soap opera line, he must have realized the joke that everyone else would make and beat them to it. Those are some serious improv chops. He took it back for the (alleged!) child molesters.

You might remember back in December when Amendola invited the press to call 1-800-REALITY, which turned out to be a gay sex line. He also let Sandusky do an interview with Bob Costas and then the New York Times. Both which he was completely unprepared for. Joe Amendola might not be the worst lawyer in the world, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a lawyer who seems any dumber.


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