Rays' Joel Peralta Ejected For Foreign Substance On His Glove

Tampa Bay reliever Joel Peralta entered tonight’s game against the Nationals in the 8th inning. Poor guy didn’t get to throw a single pitch. The Nationals immediately asked the umpires to check out Peralta’s glove and he was ejected for having a “foreign substance on his glove.” No word on the substance, but Peralta tipped his hat at the Nationals’ dugout on his way off the field.

We’ll have video as soon as we can find it. Or a sample of the substance for everyone to taste. We’ll see how the evening goes.

[Images via @CorkGaines]

Update: This could get good. MLB Network’s JB Long says that the “foreign substance” was pine tar. He also tweeted this:

#Rays‬ Maddon calling out Nats Davey Johnson for checking Peralta’s glove. First said cowardly, then upped to “[p-word] move,” bush league.

Oooh… There are two games remaining in this series.

Update 2: Now with video!

Because you want to see it first!

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