US Open Rooster Guy: No Charges Because He Committed No Crime

US Open Rooster Guy Andrew James Dudley is off the hook. Much to the chagrin of Bob Costas and NBC, Dudley will not face any charges because all he did was “make a bird noise,” according to police.

Dudley was not arrested for disturbing the interview but was held in a police station drunk tank after officers determined he was inebriated, said Albie Esparza, a police spokesman. Dudley was released when he sobered up.

Police did not arrest Dudley, concluding he did nothing illegal, Esparza said.

“There is no trespassing, since he had a ticket to be there,” Esparza said. “All he did was go on the green of the 18th hole and make a bird noise.”

What animal noise will we hear at the PGA Championship in August? I’m already giddy at the thought of Jim Nantz‘s reaction to some guy mooing like a cow after Tiger Woods some random wins the title. [SF Gate via Andrew]

Because you want to see it first!

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