Ryan Leaf Called Himself "Lazy, Dishonest and Selfish" Before Being Handed a 5-Year Sentence

Ryan Leaf was sentenced yesterday in his hometown of Great Falls, Montana. Leaf was facing charges related to drugs and burglary. Leaf spoke at the sentencing, but did not ask for forgiveness. From the Great Falls Tribune:

“I’m lazy, and dishonest and selfish,” the troubled Great Falls native said in a self-effacing statement to the court. “These were behaviors I had before my addiction kicked in.”

Leaf looks at jail as a way to save his family from the embarrassment of Ryan Leaf for a few years.

“They believe I’ve held them for ransom for 36 years, and I don’t understand why I should have to do that any more,” he said, his voice breaking.

“Five to 10 years of Ryan-free drama for my family, this community – particularly for this nation – would be pure bliss for people,” he said later.

Despite Leaf’s self-assessment, the judge was fairly lenient, giving the former #1 pick a five-year commitment to the Montana Department of Corrections. He will spend 9 months in drug treatment, 6 months in a prerelease center and then have a 2-year suspended sentence. If he stays out of trouble, he will probably stay out of jail.

[Great Falls Tribune]

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