Brandon Jacobs Repays a Young Fan Who Sent Him Money to Try to Keep Him With the Giants

Brandon Jacobs left the New York Giants this offseason after seven seasons with the team, and is now playing on the opposite coast in San Francisco. A six-year old fan, Joseph Armento, after being told that the team could not afford Jacobs, sent $3.36 in a plastic bag to him, along with a letter. (Apparently, young Mr. Armento is unaware that the Giants could have had the money but don’t want to pay a 30 year old back).

That letter finally got to Jacobs this month, so he made plans to meet up with the family when he returned to New Jersey to pack up. When he did, he got a bounce house and spent an afternoon with Armento and his younger brother, along with Jacobs’ own 5-year old son.

Said Jacobs, also by phone: “It was just us in the whole place and we were just going room to room – just bouncing and flipping all over the place, hitting each other with balls, sweating, our shirts filthy. We were just dirty, stinky boys, you know?”

An unfortunate image given Jacobs’ touchdown dance proclivities. Jacobs also then re-paid the money and gave young Mr. Armento a $5 bill, and said that at a time when he felt like no one else believed in him anymore, the young lad showed differently.

[photo via US Presswire]

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