Russell Westbrook Took a Picture With Three Girls at Some Point

While Kevin Durant and James Harden spend their free time chilling with Kate Upton, Russell Westbrook is left to deal with every other woman on the planet. This picture, taken at some point in the past, was posted on the blog Shot of Ginn a couple weeks back. Today a Miami Heat fan cropped and tweeted the picture, purporting that it was Russ out late partying in Miami the night before Game 5. Fear not. Russell Westbrook was not out late partying and drinking with women in Miami. (As far as I know.) Besides, I thought it was James Harden that everyone was worried about enjoying the Miami nightlife a bit too much?

Pointless Update: The picture is originally from here and was taken at something called the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas in 2011.

[Business Insider]

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