Frank Francisco Referred to the Yankees as Chickens

Mets closer Frank Francisco, more commonly known as the incomparable Frank Frank, has set the stage for an entertaining Subway Series in Queens this weekend should the feisty fellow have the fortune of participating in the three-game set.

When reporters asked Frank about the first place Yankees, he expressed that he couldn’t “wait to face those chickens” and wants to strike out the side. Of course, every pitcher should want to strike out the side, but given his affinity for blowing up innings like he’s riding an Acme rocket directly into the mound, keeping his mouth shut probably would have made the most sense.

To be completely fair to Frank Frank, over his last 13.1 innings he’s allowing nine hits and just two earned runs. So perhaps that stretch has assisted in this puzzling bravado. Having said that, a bases loaded walk to give up the go-ahead run on Sunday night sounds about right.

[via New York Post]

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