The Mets and a Chicken Named "Little Jerry Seinfeld" Have Parted Ways

Mets closer Frank Francisco referred to the Yankees as chickens late last week as the two teams headed into a three-game set at Citi Field. What naturally followed, of course, was the purchase of an actual chicken by members of the Mets who appropriately named him “Little Jerry Seinfeld.”

Why? For good luck of course. The ringleader behind all of this was reliever Tim Byrdak, who has instantly become my favorite Met. Sadly, after two straight losses to the Yanks, Little ‘Yerry will turn the page in Queens, as he is off to a new home in the safe confines of the Farm Sanctuary of Watkins Glen, all thanks to his thoughtful caretakers. Here’s Byrdak:

“Little Jerry found himself a new home. He avoids the fryer and the oven and everything else you can cook a chicken with.”

“Just think, you could have ended up on someone‚Äôs dinner table,” Byrdak told Jerry. He then cried, “Easy, Jerry!” when the camera-shy fowl got frisky and did some wing-flapping.

Imagine how grateful Little Jerry must’ve been when he arrived at the sanctuary? He went from an $8 chicken at a poultry shop in Chinatown to an inviting sanctuary that will ensure he doesn’t serve as someone’s take-out. There’s absolutely no doubt he was flappin’ his wings and struttin’ his stuff.

To make matters even more uplifting, his postgame meal before departing Citi Field was oatmeal, berries and water. That’s pretty good for a Chinatown chicken, right? Has to be. It’s almost as impressive as the original Little Jerry Seinfeld speed-walking to Newman’s apartment in under 30 seconds.

[via New York Post]

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