Video: Evan Longoria and Jaime Edmondson Helped a Motorist Stuck in Tropical Storm Debby's Floods

Tropical Storm Debby is wreaking havoc on Florida with heavy rain. Luckily, Evan Longoria and his Playmate girlfriend, Jaime Edmondson, are around to help. The guy in the video above was stuck in some deep water and Longoria pushed him out with his jeep. Edmondson took video and Longoria tweeted they had found the guy stuck on Westshore in Tampa. No matter who the driver of the red car was, I bet he (or she) regrets not getting out and hugging his saviors.

In an (un)related story, my fiancee and I found a dog near a busy road yesterday and gave him a ride back to his home. His name was Berkley and very friendly. He had luckily not gotten far after going through his broken electric fence. I’m not exactly taking on a hurricane, but every little bit helps.

[via Rays Index]

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