Roundup: Chuck Norris Thinks Obama is Making the Boyscouts Gay, Michelle Beadle Has Men Falling All Over Themselves

Christina Hendricks. RIP Nora Ephron. Invading Switzerland might prove troublesome. Murdoch may breakup News Corp. Wildfires raging in Colorado. CNN ratings are brutal. Stockton, CA could go bankrupt. Egypt will have Christian, Women VPs. Putin’s hold on Russia may be crumbling. Roman jewelry found in 5th century Japanese tomb. Texas Republicans want to do away with critical thinking skills in education.

Woman banned from McDonalds after throwing sandwich through drive through window. Claims she “wasn’t feeling the love at all.” [10TV]

Celtics got a second round pick because of Jeff Green’s heart condition. [Boston Herald]

David Pollack will replace Craig James on ESPN’s Thursday Night College Football [USA Today]

Anthony Davis has trademarked his unibrow [CNBC]

Gazetta Dello Sport published a cartoon of Mario Balotelli as King Kong [Guardian]

Chuck Norris Thinks Obama is creating a Pro-Gay Boy Scouts of America [AmmoLand]

Private high schools in D.C. are recruiting middle school basketball players. [NYTimes]

Royce White is a “high-risk, high-reward” player. [SI]

Petrino’s police friend accepted tickets and a bowl ring, which may be a crime. [AP]

Man ate a dog while high on synthetic marijuana. [WPTV]

This Terry Richardson photo shoot has the potential to look very bad, very soon. [WWTDD]

Omar Vizquel to retire after 2012, begin countdown to becoming worst player elected to the Hall of Fame. [NESN]

New Jersey man arrested after pulling gun on guy who farted in front of his apartment door. [NJ.com]

Half of the world’s 7,000 languages may disappear this century. [National Geographic]

The best bons mots from Southerners. “War Damn Eagle” did not make the cut. [Oxford American]

Ladies and Gentlemen, Aaron Sorkin.

Michelle Beadle had Dan O’Brien falling all over himself. This was on YouTube with Michelle Beadle for two days with no one noticing. If a tree falls and no one is around to hear it…

Here is what the Sportscenter disembodied voice guy looks like.


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