Clay Buchholz Attends Charity Fundraiser, Boston Media Reports He Attended Vodka-Sponsored Casino Pool Party

Boston pitcher Clay Buchholz recently spent five days in Massachusetts General Hospital with esophagitis. When he was released, he did not travel with the Red Sox on their current road trip. While he was home, he attended the WAAF Celebrity Golf Tournament, a fundraiser for The Greg Hill Foundation. Buchholz did not drink at the Stoli-sponsored event. Still, Boston media was as non-sensational as they could be with the news of Buchholz’s charitable appearance, deciding to focus on every detail besides “charity” and “did not drink.”

Boston’s CBS affiliate picked up the story from there, running with: “Report: Buchholz Attends Foxwoods Pool Party.” Hardball Talk picked up on the typical Boston media ass-hat-ery. Toucher and Rich – or whoever runs the show’s Twitter account – got offended. After all, they were just reporting the facts!

Exactly! Just like when I see Coca-Cola and McDonald’s presence in the Olympic Park and read this year’s story about how many condoms the Olympic village has been provided with and I refer to 2012 London games as a “gluttonous international fuckfest with a lot of coke.” These are just the facts!

I certainly wouldn’t say that to evoke a reaction from people over nothing. And neither would Toucher and Rich. They are not literally giving Boston media a bad name. They are just presenting themselves as sensationalist dummies while acting as representatives of Boston sports media and fans. There is a big difference. Only one is fact.


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