Jerry Sandusky Will Still Receive His $59,000 Per Year Pension in Prison

Pennsylvania will continue paying out Jerry Sandusky’s $59,000 per year pension, despite his conviction on scores of counts of child molestation. That crime is not covered under Pennsylvania’s pension forfeiture laws. This sounds abhorrent, but it is important enough to remember what a pension is.

This is not straight payment. It is deferred payment. In theory, Sandusky paid into the plan throughout his career. The money he earned is now being paid back to him. If there is a provision to take it away at all, it is normally in cases of professional misconduct. Thus, Gary Shultz might lose his pension if convicted of perjury, but Sandusky may not.

The money matters little to Sandusky, already being supported on the state’s dime in prison. It would matter a great deal to his wife who is dependent on that income. Though righteous in theory, the practicality of subjecting an already shattered woman (who we have no evidence did anything wrong) to another legal battle and potential penury seems a tad gratuitous.

[Photo via Presswire]

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