Fred Davis is Defending Himself in a Lawsuit that Involves an Alleged Madam/Pimpette Who Carries a Pimp Cup

This whole Fred Davis lawsuit thing sounds so made up and flagellant. That is what Davis apparently argued to a judge at an April 10th hearing in D.C. Superior Court. The suit, as best I can tell, arises out an incident at a night club where Makini Chaka alleges that Davis poured juice on her head and busted her lip with a pitcher last year.

These two apparently had some sort of history of disputes, and Fred Davis spent some time cross-examining her on her role as a pimp in supplying other people with girls. Yes, the words “pimp cup” were used in court. Other football player’s names have come up associated with Ms. Chaka, including Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens. Former Raven Willis McGahee was also with the complainant on the night of the incident.

The incident occurred when Davis touched Chaka on the wrist, and she threw a drink in his face. After they were separated, he returned and dumped a pitcher of juice on her. According to a police report, surveillance video does not support Chaka’s claim that the pitcher injured her.

I’m not doing it justice, though. She also accused Davis of impersonating Santana Moss to get her kicked out of a club, and getting her black listed. Then there’s this exchange.

Davis: “As it shows, you also have your hand on his genitals. I mean why would you take a picture like that?”

Chaka: “I do not. Let’s look closely at the exhibit right here, Judge. Where is my hand placed in this exhibit?”

Judge: “I do not answer questions. . . . The witness does.”

Chaka: “Can you tell me where my hand is actually at in this photo?”

Davis: “It looks like it’s in the genitals to me. I mean your hands are on his genitals. Your hand is on his—”

Chaka: “Objection.”

The hearing these quotes came from was in regard to her request for a restraining order. The civil case moves on, set for trial on March 11 of 2013. If I were advising Fred Davis (the story advises us he has no legal training), I would have to tell him to begin his opening statement by repeatedly stating, “Chaka con, Chaka con, Chaka con.” It’s a classic Gerry Spence move.

[photo via US Presswire]

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