Roundup: NBA Draft, King Felix's Gem Against Red Sox, Bryce Harper's "Clown Question, Bro" Beer For A Good Cause, And It's Really Freaking Hot

Emilia Clarke . . . Felix Hernandez had 13 K’s in a 1-0 shutout of the Red Sox . . . That Bull shark attack yesterday? It targeted the wrong Bieber, but the 6-year old boy in Florida is expected to make a full recovery . . . Extreme heat spreads across the U.S. . . . The pig whisperer . . . The Bryce Harper “Clown Question, Bro” beer and his recommendation to donate profits for a fallen police officer’s family . . . The hockey coach who tripped a 13-year old and broke his wrist had a history of poor sportsmanship . . . A Chinese zombie? Dong gnaws on woman’s face . . . Shocking news: Snoop Dogg detained in Norway, with pot . . . this mugshot gif will haunt your dreams . . . Darn climate change: Kids were stuck inside all day yesterday . . . Ryan Zimmerman’s fake throw nabs Carlos Gonzalez at third . . . Sweet gif of the Seahawk who took out three different Cardinals players on a punt . . . Consumers are bad at math . . . 102-year old man who first came to the U.S. in 1928 becomes a U.S. Citizen . . .

Lamar Odom and his sex swing are back in Los Angeles, with the Clippers [NBC LA]

A lengthy Craigslist ad selling golf clubs, warning, it references bees [Sports Grid]

John Roberts and his 1-4-4 ruling against Commerce Clause, in favor of Congress’ tax power in regard to “ObamaCare” [WSJ]

Richard Posner on the Affordable Care Act ruling [Slate]

Quinn Pitcock trying to make a comeback after walking away from football with a video game addiction [Jemele Hill]

Baltimore reliever Darren O’Day rides around on something called a Solowheel [Guys]

Jonathan Quick signs 10 year deal with the Los Angeles Kings [ESPN]

Twenty years ago, Lewis Grizzard was not a fan of gender equity in sports [Ocala Star-Banner]

Don Grady, who played Robbie from My Three Sons, dead at age 68 [People]

Drink if you had someone writing a review of Magic Mike using the phrase “pectacular” [NY Daily News]

Splits Happen [Football Perspective]

Joe Delaney’s tragic drowning while trying to rescue three boys happened 29 years ago today, so I have to link to Frank DeFord’s piece on Delaney [SI Vault]

Man sporting a Skip Bayless shirt at the NBA Draft (h/t: Amy K. Nelson)


I smell a sequel: Snakes On a Bike

In light of the Supreme Court ruling pretty much going as his guest discussed in this video, we eagerly await Bill O’Reilly’s admission that he is an idiot.

Because you want to see it first!

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