Bryce Harper on Chipper Jones: I'd Vote for Him For the Final NL All-Star Spot

Bryce Harper and Chipper Jones are among the five players in the running for the final roster spot on the National League All-Star team. In a nice display of respect for a 19-year veteran like Jones, Harper told reporters that if he were to cast a vote, it would be for Chipper. Here’s his thoughtful reasoning:

“I think a Hall of Famer should be able to go to the All-Star game his last year. If I was going to vote, I’d go vote for Chip.”

This kid is either a media natural or being guided by some of the best “handlers” in the business. Probably a mix of both, but whatever it is, it’s nice to see him pay homage to the greats that have come before him. And to the surprise of many, myself included, Harper’s been getting it right like this all season long. Most notably was the recent suggestion of putting the profits of “Clown Question Bro” beer — a playful nod to his quote from a brewery in Denver — towards a memorial fund for the 12-year-old daughter of a local fallen police woman. That’s one exceedingly classy gesture from the 19-year-old rookie.

As far as which player will end up getting voted in, if you plan on going strictly by numbers when deciding who’s more deserving (which something like 1 out of every 27,000 voters actually do) here’s a look at Jones and Harper’s stats as of yesterday:

Chipper (in 44 games) — .292 avg, 6 HR, 29 RBI, 23 runs, 0 SB, .830 OPS
Bryce (in 57 games) — .274 avg, 8 HR, 22 RBI, 38 runs, 8 SB, .819 OPS

The three other players up for the final spot are Aaron Hill, Michael Bourn, and David Freese, whose combined votes probably won’t touch that of Harper or Jones. Voting closes on Thursday at 4 pm ET.

[via USA Today]

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