Jeneba Tarmoh Refuses to Race Allyson Felix in a Run-off, Concedes Olympic Spot in the 100

Jeneba Tarmoh and Allyson Felix were all set to have a run-off tonight on NBC to determine who goes to the Olympics – they famously tied for 3rd place in the 100 last month – but it isn’t happening. Tarmoh has decided she’s uncomfortable with the race-off or even the coin flip, and has conceded the spot in the race to Felix, according to USA Today’s David Leon Moore.

Puzzling? Shocking? Yup. Something happened over the weekend – I’m sure it’ll eventually come out – and the two runners had a phone conversation. This morning, Tarmoh pulled out.

After the tie, Tarmoh was upset and said, “I just feel like I earned the third spot. I almost feel like I was robbed.” Initially, she was awarded 3rd place, given a medal and did a victory lap. After all of that, she received the news of a dead heat. One minute you’re headed to the Olympics, the next you’re … in a 1 on 1 televised race for a spot in the Olympics.

Did Felix want the race, but not the coin flip? Could the two friends not come to an agreement? (In that scenario, why not just race?) Tarmoh will be eligible for the US 400 relay team. Felix, the much more accomplished runner, is headed to the Olympics to race in the 200, her best event.

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