Bud Selig on Instant Replay: Attendance is Up, Why Do We Need Replay? [UPDATE]

Bud Selig has been saying insanely stupid things about instant replay in baseball for years. He must have consulted with Dwight Howard before making his latest comments, which come courtesy of John Shea of the SF Chronicle:

“People in our sport don’t want any more. Given our attendance and everything we’re doing, we’re in the right place with instant replay.”

Who are these “people” you speak of, Bud? As for the disconnect between attendance and instant replay – what could they possibly have to do with each other? – I’ll come up with something when I pick my jaw up off the floor.

[UPDATE: Someone at MLB.com wanted to pass along Selig's entire quote. Shea left off the last two sentences:

"People in our sport don't want any more," Selig said in regards to expansion of replay. "Given our attendance and everything we're doing, we're in the right place with instant replay. Baseball is a game of pace. You have to be very sensitive and careful not to disturb that pace."]

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