OJ Simpson is a Wide Receiver with the Kansas City Command

OJ Simpson of the Kansas City Command wears No. 23. Not that O.J. Simpson. OJ Keith Simpson of the Command is just a guy with an unfortunate name. (Kind of like Gerry Sandusky.)

“When I went to Spokane [to face the Shock] for my first game of the season, their fans are outrageous and of course they were making all the O.J. Simpson jokes, the glove jokes, everything,” he said. “I like it only because it adds fuel to the fire. I believe I scored my first touchdown that game, and after that I didn’t hear nothing else.”

Sharing your name with a well-known murderer must be painful. In addition to being an Arena League football player, OJ Simpson “has a second job as an alcohol and drug counselor and offers guidance to troubled youth as a mentor.” If OJ Simpson ever attends an NFL game as a fan, I hope he’s never paged over the PA system. Could lead to a Joel Rifkin Seinfeld moment.

“When I call to make a doctor’s appointment, anything of the sort, they think it’s a joke,” he said. “I have to show my ID because they don’t believe it. I got flagged one time at the airport flying out of Denver. They said, ‘We thought you were the real O.J., so we flagged you.’ They’re looking for the other O.J. to come around the corner, and nope, it was just me.”

What’s in a name? Ask K.C.’s OJ Simpson [ESPN]

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