Roundup: Dara Torres Just Misses Olympic Team, Scientology at Crux of Cruise-Holmes Divorce & Mike Vick Got Married

Miley Cyrus … you already knew this, but Scientology is evil … the media loves John Roberts … the dumbest thing written about the iphone in 2006Anderson Cooper finally announces he is gay … this seems like a bad decision by twitterSports Illustrated will launch a magazine show on NBC … running into Alice Cooper at Starbucks … interesting read on income inequality in America … “Man arrested for smashing hamburger into woman’s face” … if you’re getting married, send this out seeking an RSVP

Rich athletes in New York start charities, don’t really donate that much money. [Post]

Mike Vick got married in Miami over the weekend. [Page 6]

Dara Torres, 45, just missed out on making the Olympic swim team. [USA Today]

Why can’t any pitchers stay healthy this year? [MLB.com]

A very cool Steve Nash photo montage. [Republic]

Johnnie Morton was facing five years in prison, but only got two years probation. [OC Weekly]

What a terrific, uplifting story by Karen Crouse. [NYT]

Randy Edsall has a PR firm trying to burnish the Terps’ image. [Sun]

“Russian businessman Mikhail Smirnov folded four eights, believing he was beaten by a straight flush, as the first $1 million buy-in charity tournament at the World Series of Poker began.” [Bloomberg]

I, too, am perplexed as to why Bryce Harper isn’t in the All-Star game. [CBS Sports]

UNC’s new agent policy. Will it work? [Sports Agent Blog]

The media continues to hammer Joe Paterno over the Penn State emails. [SF Gate]

As has been expected for months, Maryland cut seven sports from its athletic department. [Post]

Mike Miller’s Florida house was auctioned over the weekend. There were 11 bidders. [Biz Journals]

Watch this dude just trash a T-Mobile store, then get arrested. [via Herbie]

I abhor reality TV, but I’d consider watching this show about strip clubs. [via DCist]

Purdue trick shots, anyone? [via Sean]

Not sure what Bar Refaeli is doing here, but it makes me want to go on vacation. [via Herbie]

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