NBA Free Agency Tracker: Three Days in, Brooklyn and Boston Have Improved

Free agency is less than four days old, Dwight Howard hasn’t been traded, Steve Nash is still on the market (but supposedly deciding between Toronto and Dallas), and nobody has thrown big bucks at JaVale McGee. But plenty has happened. Let’s recap, shall we?

Kevin GarnettStaying with Boston (3 years, $34 million)

Gerald Wallace – Staying with the Nets (4 years, $40 million)

Joe JohnsonTraded to Brooklyn for Farmar, Petro, Morrow, Stevenson, Jordan Williams, draft pick

Marvin Johnson traded to Utah for Devin Harris

Landry FieldsGoing to Toronto (3-years, $19 million), effective July 11

Deron WilliamsStaying with the Nets (5-years, $98 million)

Jason TerrySigning with the Celtics (3-years, $15.6 million)

The early – very early – guess on how this shakes up each conference:

Boston, which just weeks ago was thought to be rebuilding, should nip at the Heels of Miami all season and then in the postseason. That’s with or without Ray Allen and Jeff Green.

New Jersey Brooklyn vaulted to anywhere from the 4th to the 8th seed in the East. They’ve got a dynamic backcourt, a nice swing player in Gerald Wallace, but frontcourt issues.

Atlanta has been gutted, and is targeting the 2013 free agent class, which might be led by Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. Or neither of them.

* Left Omer Asik off the list. The Rockets offered him 3-years, $25 million, but it is unclear what the Bulls will do (match or let him go).
** Left Roy Hibbert off the list. The Blazers offered him 4-years, $58 million, but it is unclear what the Pacers will do (match or let him go).
*** Left Eric Gordon off the list. The Suns offered him 4-years, $58 million, but the Hornets are expected to match it. Chris Broussard will inevitably break that news, since he owns the Eric Gordon beat.

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