Tim Tebow Will Appear on The Bachelor (Note: Tim Tebow Will Not Appear on The Bachelor)

Tim Tebow is a swinging bachelor who will be attached to every single, chaste female celebrity or athlete from here to the day he finally marries one of them. Lolo Jones is among the many interested parties, but she may not get a chance if Tim Tebow becomes The Bachelor. At least that is [kind of] the hot goss from Access Hollywood Live. Via The Christian Post:

Tim Tebow has agreed to take part in “The Bachelor” reality television show, according to host Chris Harrison, who also expressed doubt that the professional athlete would actually appear on the ABC program.

Wow. Didn’t even get out of the first sentence before rendering the entire thing pointless. That’s impressive. Harrison went on to share more juicy details about how Tim Tebow [will not] appear on The Bachelor.

“I met about him becoming our next Bachelor, I think he’d be a great Bachelor,” Harrison said. “He did say yes, but he’d never do it. He has a little job called quarterback in the NFL.”

So now you’re calling Tebow a liar? That’s a sin, my man. That dog won’t hunt and that quarterback won’t lie. Tebow will have no choice but to appear on The Bachelor after he (or his handlers) see that someone flat out accused him of lying. Right after he finishes his little job called quarterback in the N-F-L, Tim Tebow will definitely appear on The Bachelor. That will show everyone.

[The Christian Post via Jets Nation]

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