Andris Biedrins in the Backseat of a Car with a Female and a Solo Cup

Andris Biedrins, the consistently underwhelming Golden State Warriors center, was photographed in the backseat of a vehicle, leaning back and grinning while a woman was mysteriously in his lap. You can only see her back and hair. It is unclear if she’s looking for her cell phone or doing something else. Also visible: A solo cup, a vanillaroma tree (those are so money – but only if tucked under the seat), and Biedrins’ bony knee.

No pressure on Biedrins this season – he’ll be the backup to Andrew Bogut, and maybe get some burn at power forward behind David Lee. [via Puaro]

[UPDATE: Apologies for not sticking a NSFW on that Puaro link. If you click to the 2nd photo, it isn’t safe for work.]

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