Evan Longoria Wears Crocs But Playmate Girlfriend Jaime Edmondson is Able to Overlook It

Rays third baseman Evan Longoria is dating gorgeous supermodel Jamie Edmondson. We’re all aware of this, and we all feverish applaud him the sensational poon heist. However, that does not mean at the ripe age of 26 he’s been given the green light to go full Costanza, mustard-stained sweatshirt and all, and not give a shit anymore.

Crocs, Evan? Really, Crocs? Why not throw on a fannypack, attach some Croakies to your rockin’ sunglasses and nickname your outfit “A Day at Disney.”

Edmondson doesn’t seem to mind it though, after all, Evan does do all the cooking:

“I’m able to overlook Evan’s Crocs because he is an amazing cook…”

I don’t care how comfortable Crocs are, unless you fall into the 12-and-under age bracket, you should be mocked mercilessly for such an embarrassing choice in footwear.

Glass half-full? He’s having sex with Jaime Edmondson.

[via Jaime Edmondson]

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