Dwight Howard Trade Rumored to Involve Orlando Giving Brook Lopez 4-years, $58 Million. Really

Dwight Howard-to-Brooklyn was thought to be on life support after the Nets traded for Joe Johnson, but it appears the patient has been revived! Since New Jersey only has crap to offer the Magic, other teams like Cleveland the LA Clippers had to get dragged into the mess and strangely, both seem to want to oblige. It’s fun to watch this morass slowly come together, and you wonder if maybe the Cavs got involved just so owner Dan Gilbert could try and block LeBron from winning another title.* Yahoo’s Woj & Spears are doing most of the heavy lifting, and here’s the latest from them:

Brooklyn Gets:
Dwight Howard
Jason Richardson
Earl Clark

Orlando Gets:
Brook Lopez
Damion James
Shelden Williams
Luke Walton (from Cleveland)
3 future 1st-round picks

Cleveland Gets:
Quentin Richardson
Sundiata Gaines
Kris Humphries (who would sign a 1-year deal)
1st round pick
$3 million cash

LA Clippers Get:
Marshon Brooks

As a Knicks’ fan, I’d be mildly perturbed if the Nets landed Howard. Pairing the best center in the NBA with a Top 5 point guard in Deron Williams, plus having Johnson and Gerald Wallace as other options puts the Nets in the same class as the Heat and Thunder. Orlando would be getting a whole lotta junk, and 3 1st-round picks from teams that will be thriving in the coming years. It just doesn’t make sense. The Nuggets got way more for Carmelo Anthony.

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* It’s a conspiracy theory of mine. Come on, it’s not that far-fetched. The Cavs have Sideshow Bob, drafted Tristan Thompson last year and Antawn Jamison. They just drafted Tyler Zeller in the first round. Where are they playing Humphries? The 1st round pick they’d get? Clippers and Nets are gonna be stacked, so it’d be in the late 20s. Does Gilbert really want to line his pockets with $3 million?

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