CTV Tries to Make Sense of Chip Bandit Story Going Viral

Yesterday, we brought you the story of the Saanich Chip Bandits right as it was going viral. When I first saw the video on Monday night there were only around 15,000 views on the month-old video. On Tuesday, it went viral and by the time this posts there will be well over 300,000 views – which does not count an appearance on Anderson Cooper’s Ridiculist.

Like any good journalist, CTV did a follow-up story about how their story went viral. It included a cameo from The Big Lead.com and my hilarious (and true) line about Sgt. Dean Jantzen: “a damn American Canadian hero.” (The 1:48 mark. Would have been nice to get the website mentioned, but its a start.) Honestly, being quoted in a Canadian news broadcast about drunk Canadian college girls stealing potato chips? That’s like my own personal trip to the Zellers.

This is the original Chip Bandits video, in case you got through this entire post and had no idea what I was talking about. And if you were curious, the video was first sent to me by @BillVoth who found it via @andrewbucholtz, via @burritojustice, traced all the way back to @toteslates on July 9th at 7:26pm.

[Thanks to magmazing for the second video tip]

Because you want to see it first!

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