Freeh Report Fallout: Could Penn State Be Shut Down by the Department of Education?

The Freeh Report has been a crushing blow to Joe Paterno’s legacy, as many expected. Depending on what media reports you read, the NCAA could get involved based on Louis Freeh’s findings. What might the big-picture fallout be?

John Infante, a smart writer who ran the Bylaw Blog and knows the NCAA as well as anyone, tweeted some thoughts about the Department of Education possibly getting involved. Could the DOE prohibit the school from receiving financial aid? And before you jump in with, “but why would you punish current students who had nothing to do with that?” Infante has already responded to that: If that’s the case, Penn State is Too Big to Fail.

Below are his series of valuable tweets from this morning that you might want to file away in case any of this happens:

Because you want to see it first!

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