Here Are Some Dinosaurs Having Sex

Ever wonder what it might have looked like when dinosaurs had sex? If you walked in on your mom when she was in college, probably not. If you have, then you’re in for a treat because basically, The Daily Mail has done one of those all-time great Internet things by providing us with images of what it probably looked like. I’ve included this one, but you should really go check out what the rest of the Dinoporn looks like.

Palaeontologists answer many tricky questions about dinosaurs – but perhaps the most interesting is how did 30-ton animals larger than four-storey buildings have sex.

Probably with lots of dino-booze. Have you seen a brontosaurus?

A surprising amount of research has been devoted to the subject – and most researchers have concluded that dinosaurs made love like dogs

Anyone else picturing a velociraptor humping a caveman’s leg.

The penis of a tyrannosaur is estimated to be around 12 feet long.

That’s why the female of the species is commonly known as Kardashiraptor. Some experts believe dinosaurs had to have sex in the water because they couldn’t support themselves for love-making on land. I haven’t heard about anything that size in the water since the last post.

Just because.

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