Kate Upton Says She Wasn't Drinking in Justin Verlander's Suite

Despite somewhat convincing video footage of Kate Upton drinking a beer at the Tiger’s game last Friday night, her reps insist the 20-year-old Upton was not drinking a beer in Justin Verlander’s box.

So was it foamy Gatorade? A foamy Red Bull? Perhaps it was simply ginger ale, a popular choice the day after a long night of drinking. Tragically, we may never know the answer to this riddle, as her publicist would not indicate what she was drinking other than to say she was not drinking a beer.

The important part? People actually care.

What’s amusing is the YouTube video of her alleged boozing has since been scrubbed by MLB (it was up yesterday). I thought they only did that for videos of actual game footage? Again, the Power of the Poon knows know bounds.

*The tireless folks at TMZ still have the footage.

[via TMZ]

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