Roundup: Eddie Murphy Didn't Die, Daniel Tosh is Sorry & Peyton Manning Bought a House in Denver

Olivia Munn and Hayden Panettiere at the ESPYs … The Room soundboard … old album recorded in the 70’s becomes a hit … woman kept her friend “alive” and cashed benefit checks … world’s heaviest woman losing weight by having lots of sex … best baseball hats of all-time … awesome storm pictures … a professional snuggler60 traffic citations at once … Canada’s New York City 500 years ago … wacky police sketch … bus driver duct tapes a kid …Oh, and Eddie Murphy is not dead … Starbucks in a funeral home

Everybody thank Charles Barkley for opening up the Dream Team vs. 2012 Olympic team debate. [ESPN]

Bud Selig has an opinion on the Tampa Bay Rays’ attendance. [Tampa Bay Times]

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is close with his mother. [Charlotte Observer]

Apparently, Penn State is more than a football program. [Patriot-News]

Daniel Tosh apologized for making rape jokes. [New York Daily News]

Peyton Manning bought a $4.5 million home in Denver. [Denver Post]

The UFC had a fighter summit where they had to attend lectures and such. Like kids back in school, some fighters slept through it. [Cage Potato]

An interview with MLB announcer Tim McCarver. [Sherman Report]

How NBC will get you to watch the Olympics, even if you don’t want to. [Daily Beast]

Class of 2013 recruit Devin Williams shattered a backboard when he grabbed the rim. [Prep Force]

Buffalo Sabres prospects train with Navy SEALs. [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin coach the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. [MMA Junkie]

Old Milwaukee’s Jose Canseco ad.

The best view yet of the San Diego fireworks fail. [via Gawker]

Super Golden Friends!

Game of Thrones impressions.

Because you want to see it first!

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