This Kid Turned $60 Into $60,000 Playing Daily Fantasy Baseball

This Kid Turned $60 Into $60,000 Playing Daily Fantasy Baseball

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This Kid Turned $60 Into $60,000 Playing Daily Fantasy Baseball

As you may have noticed, we’ve been running promotions every few weeks for  DraftStreet offers Daily and Weekly fantasy sports leagues for Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey and Golf. The site is relatively new, but growing at an incredible rate and if you take fantasy sports seriously, there is A LOT of money to be made.

A college kid from New Jersey (pictured in the post) who plays at DraftStreet (handle: “hixvillehunk” – you can’t make this stuff up), started playing at about this time last year. He made a modest deposit of $60 to get going and over the course of last baseball season turned that $60 into $60,000.   He’s kept the momentum going into this season and is making a living playing fantasy baseball!

Just saying it makes me angry, and makes me question the decisions I’ve made in my life. You probably feel similarly.  All it took was one $60 deposit from this kid an he’s now living the dream.  With the site growth over the last year, he’s just one of many doing so.  In June alone, 10 players won over $20k each, including $173k won by the top player of the month!

Our buddies at DraftStreet are so confident you’ll love the site that they’re offering a $25 deposit bonus on top of whatever you put in to get you started.  Just sign up by clicking here and enter code 25bonus when you make your deposit.

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