Bobby Bowden Says Joe Paterno's Statue on the Penn State Campus Should Be Taken Down

Former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden told the Altoona Mirror he believes Penn State should take down its statue of Joe Paterno after the Sandusky facts revealed by the Freeh Report.

“Every time somebody walks by and sees that statue, they’re not going to remember the 80 good years,” Bowden said. “They’re going to remember this thing with Sandusky.

“And I say for Joe’s sake, for the family’s sake, I would remove that statue. … I mean, just think, every time you go to a ballgame at Penn State and they shine that camera on that statue, that’s going to be brought up again. So if I was Penn State and I was Joe’s family, I’d say remove all that stuff.”

Bowden, who knew Paterno for 50 years, made sure to point out his sympathy for the Paterno family did not mitigate his anger about the coverup.

I’m just sorry that he and his family have to go through this,” Bowden said. “But let me say this: That’s not as sorry as I am for those young men that for 10 years got sexually abused when it could have been stopped.”

Despite even Bobby Bowden turning, the cult of Paterno still lives on in some parts of the Penn State fan base.

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