Kobe Bryant Tells Kyrie Irving He'll Play Him 1-on-1 For $50,000, Then Incessant Trash Talk Follows

Kyrie Irving, Rookie of the Year and dribbler extraordinaire, told Kobe Bryant he’d like to play 1-on-1 for $50,000. (Another Irving hustle? Unlikely.) Kobe laughed at him, then they shook on a deal. What followed is about 90 seconds of solid, chuckle-worthy trash talk from Kobe. The matchup will happen next summer. This needs to be televised, mostly because I think Irving has a slim chance.

Been a rough year for Kobe, right? Wife dumps him, James Harden wins trash talking contest with him, Wade breaks his nose (on purpose?) at the All-Star game, he choked a couple times against the Thunder, and now a 20-year-old is brazen enough to challenge Kobe to play 1-on-1.

Because you want to see it first!

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