Elvis Dumervil's Road Rage Arrest Has Denver Defense In Limbo

Elvis Dumervil's Road Rage Arrest Has Denver Defense In Limbo


Elvis Dumervil's Road Rage Arrest Has Denver Defense In Limbo

Elvis Dumervil’s arrest over the weekend for assault with a deadly weapon stemmed from a road rage incident where a driver of a white Impala merged in between Dumervil and a vehicle he was following. According to eyewitnesses, Dumervil and passenger Andy Auguste left their vehicle and approached the Impala, lifting their shirts to display guns. The police arrived and arrested Dumervil, finding a gun in his glove compartment. According to the Denver Post report, his agent seems to be confident that the charges will be dismissed; if independent witnesses are verifying a gun was flashed as part of a dispute, well, that might be optimistic.

This incident could have a major impact on the Broncos’ defense in 2012 if Dumervil faces any league discipline. He provides a pass rusher on the opposite side from Von Miller. Any discipline may not materialize for several months, though you it raises an uncertainty over the team. The Broncos defense is already replacing both tackles, safety Brian Dawkins, and also has linebacker D.J. Williams trying to learn new position adjustments (and telling the world about it).

Denver’s defense went from 12th in the league to 32nd in points allowed when Dumervil missed the entire 2010 season with an Achilles pectoral injury. Last year, they rebounded with rookie of the year Von Miller and Dumervil returning (though he had just over half the sacks of his all-pro season in 2009). The team was still below average defensively, feasting on poorer passing offenses, and struggling against the top teams.

Against Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers, Matt Stafford, Ben Roethlisberger, and Tom Brady, the Broncos surrendered 35 points per game last year. They gave up 19.4 points against the rest of the league. They were exposed in the playoff game against the Patriots, who moved the ball at will. If Peyton Manning wants to win with the formula from the Colts, where his offense got leads and then the edge rushers feasted, he needs both. Dumervil and Miller have to re-create Freeney and Mathis’ impact, but with Dumervil raging, they may have trouble winning shootouts against the good teams if he is disciplined before the end of the season.

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