Purdue's Sean Collins Was Arrested For Allegedly Punching Woman at a Bar

Purdue has suspended cornerback Sean Collins indefinitely, after the 21-year-old was arrested after allegedly punching a woman at a bar. The incident occurred at “Where Else?” in Lafayette on Saturday.

The woman in question, Holly Fullerton, shared her version of events with WLFI. She claims she intervened when a drunk Collins tried to fight a male friend.

“I put my hand straight out and said please step back,” Fullerton said.

Fullerton said Collins was so intoxicated, he fell down and said when he got up, he grabbed her arm and then struck her left cheek with his fist.

“He hit me so hard that I hit the corner of the building I was standing by and scratched up my elbow then fell flat on the concrete,” Fullerton said.

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