Atlanta Hawks Are Collecting Shooters, But is Dwight Howard Impressed?

Atlanta Hawks trade Joe Johnson. Nice!
Atlanta Hawks trade Marvin Williams. Nice!
Atlanta Hawks sign Lou Williams. Eh.
Atlanta Hawks sign Kyle Korver. Meh.

The tear down was fun, and the rebuild is still a work in progress. Are you viewing the rebuilding project with Dwight Howard at the center of it? Since it appears – as of this very moment – Howard won’t be traded this summer, let’s envision him going to Atlanta in the offseason as a free agent.

Here’s one way Atlanta’s roster could look next year:

C- Dwight Howard
PF – Horford/Josh Smith (again, don’t think they should keep both)
SF – Kyle Korver
SG – Lou Williams/Jenkins
PG – CHRIS PAUL!!!/Teague (I know – CP3 is a longshot, but play along)

That’s an absolute best-case scenario. A much more realistic version – what if the Hawks are able to land Dwight Howard, but not Chris Paul? Well, then next season would essentially be a point guard audition: Devin Harris vs. Jeff Teague vs. Lou Williams (the latter is more of a combo, but still). And if they don’t get CP3, perhaps then they can retain Horford and Smith. Here’s a fallback option:

C – Howard
PF – Horford
SF – Smith
SG – Korver
PG – Lou Williams

You’re devoid of defense in the backcourt, but those two shooters with Howard commanding double teams … heck, you could go with Smith at power forward and get Korver in at small forward and Jenkins at shooting guard then you’ve had a lethal trio of shooters.

All you need is … well, to pray Orlando doesn’t trade Howard somewhere he’s going to sign an extension.

Because you want to see it first!

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