Chip Kelly Will Have Private Hot Tub Video Center in Oregon's New Football Facility **UPDATE**

Phil Knight is building Oregon a new $68 million football facility set to open in 2013, which will encompass 130,000 square feet. The facility intends to be the best in the United States, “pro or college.” It will open just three years after Knight’s $41 million Jaqua Center opened in 2010.

The undoubted highlight will be Chip Kelly’s office, equipped with a private hot tub and a “waterproofed video center” allowing him to watch film while he unwinds. Hopefully, there is a matte silver rubber duck involved.

Oregon’s players will have climate controlled lockers, but will still be unable to have their scholarships extended to cover the full cost of attendance.

[Photo via Presswire]

Update: Oregon denies the Register-Guard report Chip Kelly’s hot tub was ever part of the plans for the new facility. Disappointing.

Because you want to see it first!

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