Joe Paterno Statue Being Protected, Sadly, by Penn State Students

Joe Paterno’s statue will not fall tonight. At least not if these dudes have anything to say about it. Armed with nothing but an iPhone, a chin strap and a piece of poster board, these sad Penn State students are standing up for the statue of the disgraced Penn State football coach. According to tweets culled by CBS Sports, these unidentified students claimed other students were “on the way.”

One the one hand, these guys have a point. If the statue is taken down, it should be done so through the proper channels. This mess hasn’t given anyone the right to vandalize or destroy Penn State property. Rogue students tearing down the statue will only go to further tarnish the campus’ reputation. On the other hand, if they decide to take the statue down, these dummies better pack up. No one should have any understanding for either of them if they end up chained to the JoePa statue like its an oil derrick in the hall at Bayside High.

[Eye On College Football, Images via @KahnmanPSU]

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