Mariano Rivera Rang the Opening Bell at the NYSE, Says He Might Be Back This Season

Mariano Rivera, the legendary Yankee closer who tore his ACL shagging fly balls, was given the privilege of ringing the bell at the NYSE Wednesday morning. There’s no pertinent audio here other than some hooting and hollering from a sea of caffeine-fueled traders, but the look of unbridled joy on Mo’s face after using the gavel was probably the first time the affable pitcher has smiled brightly since going down like a bag of bricks in MLB’s unofficial funeral home, Kauffman Stadium.

Afterward, Rivera told reporters he’s been so pleased with his rehab program there’s a possibility he could still pitch this season, with September appearing to be the target, though he has refused to get specific. Here’s Mo:

“(The rehab) is going great. I’m feeling good. Hopefully it keeps going like that. I just have to keep doing my job and try to do the best I can … I don’t want to know (how my recovery is going) believe it or not. If (me coming back this season) it happens, I’ll be OK. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll be a little disappointed. I just take it day by day.”

Until Mo returns to the mound he rightfully owns, Rafael Soriano will continue to close out games and promptly untuck his jersey like a defiant teenager who just walked out of church.

Without Rivera, along with a plethora of other injuries, the relentless Yankees still maintain the best record in baseball at 56-34.

[via @MarianoRivera; NY Post]

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