Roundup: Jeremy Lin to Houston, Pitbull is Headed to Alaska & 7-Eleven Has a Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Vending Machine

Halle Berry … what LA looked like from the 1880s through the 1920s … critic rips Dark Knight rises, gets death threats … “Deputies shoot, kill man after knocking on wrong door” … Jeremy Lin’s impact on MSG stock … bizarre story of a man who tried to steal a plane, then killed himself … 10 favorite films of 10 famous actors … terribly sad story … Google+ summer camp? … how about an Obama/Romney debate in the comments? … avoid all Wal-marts, but especially this one in Georgia … love that a newspaper posted thisthese guys are idiots … the New Yorker acquired the Borowitz Report

Longtime Knicks’ fan Alan Sepinwall bails on the Knicks for botching the Jeremy Lin situation. [TheyStoppedtheLinsanity]

Jeremy Lin tweeted to Knicks fans after the bumbling franchise didn’t match Houston’s offer sheet. [Twitter]

Penn State should shut down its football program says columnist in the Midwest. [Oklahoman]

Absolutely love this hypothetical college football mock draft. Wish I had come up with it myself. But I would not have had Tyler Bray 40th. [SI]

Pitbull is indeed headed to Alaska. [Rolling Stone]

The Tigers should trade for Hamels or Greinke. Obviously, Drew Sharp. Just do it! [Freep]

“7-Eleven Has a Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Vending Machine.” Yikes. [Food Beast]

It’s been real, Andray Blatche. You just got Amnestied. [Post]

Now that’s a huge lacrosse upset. [Lacrosse Playground]

The Chris “Birdman” Anderson era is over in Denver, as the Nuggets cut him. Denver signed Summer League superstar Anthony Randolph. [Post]

Confessions of an ex-Mormon. [The New Republic]

Two robbers burst into an internet cafe blazing guns … and a 71-year old man fires back. Movie stuff here, folks. [via Hot Clicks]

Fun with live TV screwups! [via Fang's Bites]

Jeremy Lamb is absolutely killin’ it in the Summer League with Houston.

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