Anna Benson & Kris Benson Getting Divorced, She Claims He Told Her to Move Kids into a $56,000 House

Anna Benson, the former stripper and one-time “star” of “Baseball Wives” (which apparently was a thing) is getting a divorce from former pitcher Kris Benson after 12 years of marriage, according to Fox News.

The classy Benson claims her husband cheated on her with a friend, and then filed for divorce. (She once claimed that if Kris ever cheated on her, she would sleep with the whole Mets organization. Get your defenses up, R.A. Dickey.)

Anna Benson has a lengthy history of attention seeking behavior, and this site swore her off six years ago. She claims that as part of the divorce proceedings, Kris Benson made her sell the 8,000 square foot family home, which they must move out of by August 6th. Anna Benson has four children, three with Kris. In what I’m sure is not a publicity or sympathy seeking move, she listed the children as “homeless” when registering them for school recently. The Bensons had a prenuptial agreement which gives her $4,000 a month in child support. According to Anna, Kris suggested that she move into a $56,000 house that he bought to flip in the ghetto.

Kris Benson, for his part, is refusing to enter the fray publicly. “As to specifics though, I’ll refrain from making any comments and take the high road,” he told Fox News.

The EIC of this site once interviewed Benson for ESPN.

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