Jack Jablonski, Paralyzed High School Hockey Player, is Being Cyberbullied on Twitter

Jack Jablonski, a varsity hockey player at Benilde St. Margaret’s high school St. Louis Park, Minnesota, was going after a puck during a game last December when he was checked into the boards. “Jabs” did not get up. He suffered a spinal cord injury and fractured two vertebrae, leaving him paralyzed. From FOX Sports North:

When the injury occurred, doctors told Jablonski he would never walk again and likely would not regain function in his arms or hands. But Jablonski has been proving his doctors wrong ever since. A while back, he regained function in both arms. Now, he’s able to control a motorized wheelchair on his own. He can give high-fives to friends and shake hands with strangers who want to meet him.

With some help, Jablonski was able to take his first steps this spring. He now hopes to someday skate again.

Unfortunately, some asshole(s) have taken this as an opportunity to be, well, assholes. Someone has been creating Twitter accounts to tell “jokes” about Jablonski and cyberbully him. To Jablonski’s credit, if it is hurting him, he’s not going to let this little monster know.

Some dickhead trying to bother you online must seem pretty trivial when you’ve gone through what he has in the last year. The accounts people are mentioning on Twitter have been deleted. Hopefully, whoever is behind the account eventually faces some consequences for what they’ve done. If you’re interested, here’s a link to The Jack Jablonski Fund.

[kare11 via @MikeRicci5]

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