Corey Williams Becomes The Latest Known DUI Arrest for the NFL

Corey Williams, defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions, is the latest NFL player known to be arrested for a DUI. I say “known” because these things have a tendency to trickle in days, weeks, or even a month later depending on the circumstances and how notable/distinct/well known the player is. In the case of Corey Williams, he was actually arrested back on June 18th, 2011 in Arkansas, but appeared in court today.

I just wrote about the percentages of arrests and the NFL doesn’t appear to be any higher than the public at large. It’s a bad look this week, though, as DUI after DUI rolls in just ahead of the players getting ready to return to training camp. I’ve lost count–Britt today, Lynch, Adrian Peterson, Dion Lewis versus the fire alarm–that have become public in the last two weeks?

Williams, of course, adds to the Detroit Lions league leading tally for the offseason [note: the arrest date was a year ago, just now becoming public this offseason], and also continues a dreadful PR stretch for players. The actual football games can’t get here quick enough.

[photo via US Presswire]


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