Roundup: Shooting at Dark Knight Rises Midnight Showing in Aurora, Colorado Kills 12, Wounds 50

Ashley Tisdale … 12 killed, 50 wounded in movie theater shooting in Colorado during midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises … trooper helps deliver twins on the highway … the most jacked athlete in every sport … even Fox News is slamming Michelle Bachmann as a blithering idiotFacebook ad rates surging! … hey Michael Bloomberg, why not buy the Washington Post? … “Twitter, Reddit and the newsroom of the future” … Bryant Gumbel spoke candidly about Ann Curry’s departure from the Today Show … napkins from work … the Michelle Jenneke GIF is tremendous … “Man found naked, covered in dog’s blood” …

This latest Denver tragedy is so terrible. A 3-month old was shot in the theater, and and so was a 6-year-old. [WLFI]

RIP Jessica Ghawi, a writer in Colorado who was killed in the Aurora theater. [Twitter via KSAT]

You won’t read anything better on recruiting this summer. [Texas Monthly]

The longest thing I’ve read about Brek Shea, MLS star and US National team starter (probably) in the 2014 World Cup. [Dallas Observer]

True Hoop with a nice take on Jeremy Lin vs. Carmelo Anthony. Near the end, you can sense it – Melo was jealous of Lin. [True Hoop]

“Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy said this week that his privately owned company is ‘guilty as charged’ in support of what he called the biblical definition of the family unit.” [USA Today]

Courtney Lee traded from the Rockets to the Celtics for spare parts. He’ll provide nice scoring off the bench. [Globe]

Robert Quinn, the St. Louis Rams’ 1st round pick in 2011, was charged with DWI. [Post-Dispatch]

Bret Easton Ellis vs. Nikki Finke. Love this. [Hollywood Reporter]

Andrew Luck’s rookie deal – 4 years, $22 million. Please do not mention Sam Bradford’s deal. [Indy Star]

Rafael Nadal withdraws from the Olympics. [BBC]

Nokia “spent $40 billion on research and development over the past decade, almost four times what Apple spent over the same period.” [Reuters]

Poynter has chimed in on ESPN’s Penn State coverage. [ESPN]

Brett Gardner of the Yankees will have surgery on his elbow, and he’ll probably be out for the remainder of the season. [Daily News]

“How ‘a bunch of frauds’ are impacting the way you follow hockey.” [CBS Sports]

This is unstoppable? Pfft.

“For the Love of the Game” was on last night. So I listened to this song, downloaded it, and now am cramming it in the Roundup.

Because you want to see it first!

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