Charles Barkley Has Some Advice For Dwight Howard

Charles Barkley appeared on SportsCenter Friday night to discuss Dwight Howard as well as his golf game, which he described as being shaky enough to require “a couple Coronas” in order to make him feel better. In regard to Howard, he more or less summed up how we all feel — that the Magic center needs to cut the horseshit and make a decision — so it’s not as if he broke new ground on the topic, but it’s always refreshing to hear Charles put it as only he can.

Sir Charles went on to discuss other NBA matters like Jeremy Lin and the Miami Heat, though the real bonus came during the Rex Ryan weight loss discussion:

“I’m happy for Rex, I’m a big Rex Ryan fan. That’s pretty cool … but you know, hey listen, I was a fat guy, Weight Watchers has been great for me. I would recommend it to anybody because, hey listen, we got a bunch of fat people out there, me and Rex are just two of ’em.”

[via @SportsCenter]

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