Where Were You For the First 23 Annual Buffalo Wild Wings Bowls?

The 24th Annual Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl will take place at Sun Devil Stadium on December 29th. Can you feel the history and tradition? Shouldn’t it matter that there has never been a Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl before? From 2002 to 2011, it was the Insight Bowl. Before that it was the Insight.com Bowl. Before that, the Copper Bowl.

Back when it was the Copper Bowl, it was sponsored by Dominoes and then Weiser Lock. Oh, the memories I have from the Inaugural Copper Bowl presented by Dominoes. Wait, it wasn’t called that. According to the official website, that was the Inaugural Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. The bowls have already all been retroactively, officially renamed.

That doesn’t seem fair that the official website should just erase all evidence of Weiser Lock. This is why I will always protest the idea of a college football playoff. College football has a long, prestigious history of bowl games. You must respect the sanctity and tradition of the Valley of the Sun Copper Insight.com Weiser Lock Dominoes Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl!

Because you want to see it first!

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