Michael Phelps, Unhappy With His Swim Cap, Tweets, "Smh"

Michael Phelps can’t catch a break. First, people are always trying to bogart his giant sandwiches. Then teammates are calling him out. And female MMA fighters. Then people at the Olympic Village are taking pictures of him when he wakes up. Now The Man is trying to ruin his Olympic swag by changing the design of his swim cap. WTF bro?

Front and back of our caps… We used to be able to have front and back side with flags but for some reason there are rules that tell us we cant do that anymore? Smh gotta love an organizing committee telling us we can’t do that anymore…http://lockerz.com/s/226355630

First of all, Lockerz? Come on. Second of all, that is far too long for a single tweet. I hate these “tweets” that include links to some other site that gives you the ability to “tweet” longer than 140 characters. It’s not that difficult. Break it up or get a fucking Tumblr. And stop whining about the design of the swim cap. It’s a swim cap. It doesn’t look cool no matter how many logos it features or gold medals you win. [@MichaelPhelps via The Post Game]

Because you want to see it first!

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