Ronda Rousey Spars With Carmen Electra

The rule is, if Ronda Rousey does something, there will be a post dedicated to that something. Ronda Rousey nude in ESPN’s Body Issue. (Ironically, the only magazine that Carmen Electra has never appeared nude in…) Ronda Rousey calling out Michael Phelps. Ronda Rousey calling out Kim Kardashian. Ronda Rousey snapping limbs. Whatever. Count the hyperlinks. They are there for a reason. She’s the biggest name in women’s mixed martial arts and an American Olympic medalist. So when she spars with Carmen Electra, that’s a post. And a damn important post at that. Just think – in about 3 weeks there will be a post about Ronda Rousey actually competing in her sport.

[Daily Mail, Middle Easy, Terez Owens]

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