Suzyn Waldman on Derek Jeter Plunking: "That's enough of this Seattle"

Mariners ace Felix Hernandez lost control of a few pitches on Tuesday night and plunked Ichiro and Derek Jeter. King Felix then proceeded to break A-Rod’s hand with an 88 mph change-up. On Wednesday afternoon in Seattle, Jeter got drilled again, which of course led to a vintage moment from frequently dramatic Yankee radio announcer, Suzyn Waldman.

Following multiple sighs of disgust while John Sterling babbled nonsensically about how cute something was, the surly broadcaster said the following:

“You know, I’m sure none of these are on purpose, but these are major league pitchers and that’s enough of this, Seattle.

Waldman passionately playing the role of an overly protective mother rather than a baseball announcer is beyond endearing. The question is, since she clearly stated Mariner pitchers weren’t drilling Yankees on purpose, what has she had enough of? Bruised buns? Subpar pitching? The popularity of the Sounders? Please hit us up with an email if you happen to solve the riddle.

Still, it’s going to take quite a thunderous moment for Waldman to ever come close to topping her “of all the dramatic things I’ve evah seeeeeeeen!” moment upon learning that Roger Clemens — who was in George Steinbrenner’s box! — would be returning to the Yankees.

[via Jimmy Traina]

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