2012 London Olympics Feature Kate Middleton and the Olympic Torch

Kate Middleton captured the hearts of people all over the world when she became a princess last year. Mostly because she’s hot and has a hot sister, but that’s neither here nor there. Being a princess in the home country of the Olympics means you get to see the Olympic torch up close and you don’t have to wait in the streets with a million peasants.

She’s quickly turning into a very sporty princess, which means I continually have an excuse to post pictures of her. She played field hockey growing up. Earlier this month Kate and Pippa were at Wimbledon to cheer on Andy Murray. Now we have pictures of her in a dress playing soccer, table tennis and learning some judo. Hopefully she really gets into judo and ends up training with Ronda Rousey.

Had to throw in the picture of Kate’s “shoes.” If ever “good job, good effort” applied to anything, its this shot of Kate Middleton’s “shoes.” Good job, Getty photographer. Great effort.

Because you want to see it first!

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