Reporter Confuses Mark Sanchez For Tim Tebow, Sanchez Calmly Explains, "I'm Mark"

Mark Sanchez’s days of being the King of New York Football may be over. There was a time when women would scream his name when they should have been celebrating Eli Manning’s second Super Bowl ring. There was a time when Sanchez did not need to introduce himself. The man has taken the Jets to the playoffs multiple times! He should be the toast of the town! Now Tim Tebow has rolled into town and reporters are calling Sanchez, “Tim.” Sometimes life just ain’t fair.

Let’s take this opportunity to discuss their Brangelina name. Platoon quarterbacks need celebrity couple names. Should we go with Sanchbow or T-Chez? I think I like T-Chez. T-Chez is the name of a quarterback duo that no defensive coordinator can prepare for. “Shit. We got T-Chez coming to town this week. Hope the offense can score a million points or T-Chez is going to whoop us good.” Yeah. T-Chez.


Update: Oooh boy. Ben Shpigel, a Jets reporter for the New York Times says that the reporter may have been interrupted while trying to ask Sanchez a question that began with, “Tim said…” ESPN is so tricky. Still a funny clip. And I stand by T-Chez.

Because you want to see it first!

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